“A wise man should consider that health is the greatest of human blessings, and learn how by his own thought to derive benefit from his illnesses. ”

— Hippocrates

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The malignant melanoma is the most dangerous skin cancer. It could spread to other parts of the body and become a deadly disease. Its incidence has increased tenfold over the last sixty years in all western countries where accurate records exist. The highest recorded incidence rate is found in Queensland.

Every person aged 16 or more should consider a regular skin check once a year. Some patients need to have them more often (i.e., recent history of melanoma, other skin diseases). Any freckle, mole or lump that is new or changing in size, shape or colour warrants a doctor’s check. Intermittent sunburn is an important factor in the development of melanoma, particularly during childhood. However, melanoma may occur on non sun-exposed skin. People who burn easily in the sun, and either never or rarely tan, are at a much higher risk than people with darker skin who tan easily. Additional risk factors include a freckling tendency, having more than 50 moles on the body, red or blond hair and blue eyes. Melanoma is very rare in people with black skin. Patients with a higher income and higher education are at an increased risk of developing melanoma. It is not clear why this is the case. Melanoma before puberty is rare but does occasionally occur.

Skin Cancer and premature skin ageing can be prevented by reducing your exposure to UV radiation. This can be achieved by reducing time in the sun, (especially between 10am and 3pm), finding some shade, wearing sun protective clothing and a broad brimmed hat, regular application of a broad-spectrum, water-resistant SPF30+ sunscreen and protection of your eyes with close fitting sunglasses. Using solarium is also a risk factor of skin cancer. For more information visit website – www.qldcancer.com.au or call the Cancer Helpline toll free on 13 11 20.

At the Majellan Medical Centre partial skin checks could be done as a part of your visit to the Doctors (especially during so-called full checks), but ideally patients should book specifically for the skin cancer check. The examination could be performed at any time. Our doctors happy to treat other diseases of the skin as well.

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For an urgent single suspicious skin lesion review Dr Paul Angel provides a “same day service”.

We are a privately billing Medical Centre, a discount rate is given to pensioners, Gold Card DVA veterans are bulk-billed.

At the Scarborough Majellan Medical Centre we use modern computerised dermatoscope technology (DermDoc). It helps us to diagnose and monitor in the future your skin conditions (we take high resolution pictures of your skin with zoom x30 or x40). We have to emphasize that sequential digital dermoscopic imaging (that we provide with the help of the DermDoc computer scan) is the best approach to diagnose those lesions, especially malignant melanomas, that lack specific criteria of skin cancer at the first examination. At 3-month short term follow-up, any minimal change in the sequential digital images would induce us to excisional biopsy of the suspicious lesion. As required, we can prescribe and provide local treatment, perform a total removal of a lesion or a skin biopsy during consultation or arrange another time for surgery. In complicated cases we refer our patients to skin specialists (Dermatologists), Plastic & General Surgeons.

For anti-ageing treatment of your face you can always book with Dr Helen Angel, who is a member of the Australasian Society of Cosmetic Medicine.

Our Doctors

  • Dr Paul Angel

    Dr Paul Angel

    MD with Honours (Kiev, Ukraine), PhD (Cardiology, Ukraine), AMEC, FRAGCP

    Dr Paul Angel specialised in Ukraine in Cardiology (1986), Rheumatology and Clinical Pharmacology, Faculty Member of the National Medical University of Ukraine from 1986 to 1992…

  • Dr Paul Johanson

    Dr. Paul Johanson

  • Dr. Harjinder Kaur

    Dr. Harjinder Kaur


    Dr. Kaur enjoys all aspects of General Practice particularly Mental Health, Chronic Disease Management, Women’s Health and Integrated Medicine.

  • Dr. Aung Oo

    Dr. Aung Oo


    Aside from General Practice his special interests include chronic complex medical conditions, skin conditions and child health.

  • Dr. Helen Angel

    Dr. Helen Angel


    Dr. Helen Angel is interested in all aspects of family medicine. Her other interests include preventative medicine, travel medicine and Women’s Health.

  • Dr. Liliana Potocki

    Dr. Liliana


    Dr. Liliana enjoys all areas of general practice. She has completed the Diploma in Child Health and mental health skills training and skin cancer training.

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