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  Bulk-billed appointments available for half an hour most days for the following appointment types

Half an hour per day has been set aside most days to enable bulk-billing of the following appointment types before 6pm weekdays and whilst Guardian Pharmacy is open:

  • Prescription Repeats
  • Basic cold & flu symptoms
  • Medical Certificates for brief time off work
  • Subsequent Specialist Referrals (Not Initial Referrals)

Participating Doctors:  Dr Helen Angel, Dr Paul Johanson and Dr Harjinder Kaur.

These clinics have been established to provide continuity of quality care with your regular GP or another qualified GP within the practice who has access to your medical history, allergies and current medications.  To enable convenient pharmacy access for medications to be dispensed on the same day as your consultation and to assist families financially.

Majellan Medical Centre is open 7 days including all public holidays and until 8.00pm Mondays and 6.30pm Tuesday to Friday.  If you have a medical situation requiring a same day appointment please notify Reception.  Where an appointment is not available a message can be given to your GP so we can try to accommodate your needs.

During after-hours periods you may wish to arrange a home visit by phoning an after-hours service provider.  However, we would encourage you to be aware of the Medicare fee the Provider is claiming at the time and the cost to the already burdened Medicare system.  If the consult is billed as an urgent attendance after hours the fee paid by the Government is currently $129.80.  In comparison, a bulk-billed standard consultation within normal hours at a GP practice is $37.05.

Hospital Emergency Departments are for emergencies such as chest pain, breathing difficulties, serious lacerations, dehydration, etc.  If you are unsure where to attend you can be guided by our Reception team or by phoning 13 HEALTH.

Bulk-Billed Appointments Available

Subsequent Specialist Referrals (not initial referrals)

Repeat Prescriptions

Basic Cold and Flu Symptoms

Medical Certificate for brief time off work